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Frequently Asked Questions / FAQ

1. I have a pair of jeans that fit well but the zipper will not go up. Is there any way I can fix that? 

Your drycleaner may have a wax stick that you can use to lubricate the zipper. If not, they could also replace it with a higher-quality zipper. 

2. Is there a way to restore a beautiful beaded top with a small tear in a non-prominent spot? 

With that type of garment, it's easy to "see" your dilemma. The fabric is probably too sheer to do an iron-on, stitching will show, a dart may look out of place, and if it's not close enough to a seam to taper, that just about takes care of all the "simple" options.

We suggest that you add a design or accent to the area. By doing this, you can stitch or bond and reinforce as you like. Whether you can affectively add a design to the area without drawing undo attention to the spot, is your call. But you could duplicate the same design or emblem across from it or in the general area to make it look like it belongs.

A good seamstress or designer with an imagination can do wonders, so think about consulting us before you do anything yourself.

3. Is it possible to alter (let out) a dress and hide the old seams?
This is an age old problem with any dress, with darker colors presenting the most challenge. You probably have sewing holes and matted material, where pressure flattened the fabric. 

We can open the seams, steam and brush the material, and remove many of the marks. We can test the fabric and give you a prognosis.